Speech of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan at the ceremony of inauguration of Cambridge Worldwide Academy Tajikistan in Dushanbe



Distinguished teachers and students!
Dear guests!

As the residents of the capital remember, yet in April 2017 we laid a foundation stone for the construction of “Cambridge Worldwide Academy Tajikistan” school.

So, after one and a half year, construction of this premium education institution is completed and started its operation now.

On this occasion, I with great delight to extend sincere congratulation to dedicated team of teachers and students of this newly constructed institution and the professional staff of education department of Dushanbe city.

May I also thank all those who contributed to the construction of this allow me to say “palace of knowledge and education”, including societies “Architecture and City Planning” and “Educational Centre “Ganjina”.

Over the years of independence and particularly since the year 2000, dozens of comprehensive secondary schools have been built and commissioned in our country in a close and productive cooperation with a number of our friendly countries, development partners and international organizations with the view to improve opportunities for education and training of specialists meeting labor market requirements.

At the same time, branches of many higher education institutions of developed countries have been established in Dushanbe over this period of time.

In this context, the University of Central Asia has been inaugurated few days back in Khorugh city of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region, that I do strongly believe will make a worthy contribution to the cause of further training of qualified and professional specialists of international level from among the talented young people of Tajikistan and other countries of the region.

The state and the Government of Tajikistan mobilize all existing opportunities in this field so that better condition for education of our children are created and the future generation of our homeland gain modern state-of-the-art knowledge and skills.

Oxford and Cambridge universities of the Great Britain are considered as the most famous and prestigious education institutions all over the world, and education in such world-class institutions is the dream of every ambitious young person.

However, for admission to such universities, applicants need to be comprehensively trained and not all the wishers can meet their requirements.

We therefore have decided to establish Cambridge Worldwide Academy School in our country and to train our young generation in this learning environment enabling and at the same time helping young people pave the way towards higher education they may gain from these universities.

Today’s newly constructed institution as Cambridge Worldwide Academy Tajikistan consists of three two-storey and three-storey buildings and is built in line with the quality architectural art.

The first building of the institution is composed of a canteen, medical room, library and classrooms for the pre-school education and for the pupils aged from 7 to 11 years.

The school’s library has an electronic library section that is connected to the European famous libraries network.

It gives teachers and learners access to useful literature and educational information.

The library possesses different educational materials and literature of well-known poets and writers of Europe.

All the necessary conditions are created here for practical trainings aimed at improving practical skills of all learners.

The second building of the school accommodates separate large and well-equipped classrooms for labor classes, including mastering household management, modern technologies, gym, an indoor swimming pool, practical classrooms for the students aged from 12-13 and 14-18 years and assembly hall for 90 seats.

IT Centers and Learning Resources Center will operate in the third building where admission exams shall be conducted for the higher education institutions of the European countries.

The study process here in Academy is carried out in accordance with the public norms of good quality dual education system, including British school system and state standards of Tajik national curriculum where classes are conducted in English.

The pre-school education is carried out in the Early Years Foundation Stage and the period of comprehensive education consists of primary  and secondary curriculum, and further the training at the level of secondary comprehensive education will teach learners with a view to continuing training in the vocational higher education institutions.

The Early Years Foundation Stage is designed for children aged three to five years.

The school provides the Tajik and British curriculum to 640 students. Learners are dressed with modern European style uniform.

It has to be mentioned, that teachers and students are provided with necessary educational materials, visual aids, textbooks, literature and other education equipment that have been worked out and produced in Europe.

Furthermore, education process in CWA has been carried out based on advanced information technologies, studying process, within which performance of class and home assignments of students using cutting-edge technologies shall be permanently supervised.

After graduation, students will receive certificates of state educational institutions of the Republic of Tajikistan and the UK and can continue their education in higher education and scientific institutions in Europe, America, Japan and other countries.

Group of high-qualified and dedicated professional team from UK has been invited to Tajikistan to conduct education sessions and lessons using modern teaching methods.

Team of pedagogical and psychological experts helps teachers during education process.

The Academy has established productive partnership links with one of the well-known UK-based leading companies in «Cambridge Worldwide Academy» which collaborates with 370 education institutions in 25 countries abroad, including Europe, America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

The administration of the school has planned to build until 2020 a college for young people aged from 18 to 23, where foreign learners have the opportunity to study alongside each other with Tajik nationals.

Moreover, students will be able to continue their education in one of the Cambridge Worldwide Academy’s partner colleges abroad.

Dear guests!
Ladies and gentlemen!

The establishment of the school of one of the world’s developed education institutions in our country gives an opportunity for our talented young people, growing generation of independent Tajikistan acquire fundamental knowledge and modern skills.

In their turn, our young people should precisely understand that in order to master the knowledge and modern skills they have to exert superb efforts, sincerely love their Motherland, be an example in behavior and diligence for others and always try to seek knowledge.

Only by doing this, we will be able to raise highly qualified tolerant and compassionate personnel with deep knowledge, sense care about the future of their Motherland, and to whom we can hand over the destiny of our country in future.

I taking this opportunity would like to encourage the administration of other education institutions, to study education system and experience of this school and apply state-of-the-art technology and education infrastructure in their future activities.

To conclude, I would like to congratulate you, distinguished guests, on the festive occasion of inauguration of a new education institution “Cambridge Worldwide Academy” and wish each of you every bit of luck on the way of acquiring modern knowledge and educating our children.

I wish you all best of luck!

National Development Strategy of the Republic of Tajikistan for the period up to 2030

UN Resolution entitled International Decade for Action “Water for Sustainable Development”, 2018-2028

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Hotline for Tajikistan citizens abroad

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