The year 2018 was the year of defeat and new disgrace for the TEO IRP


DUSHANBE, 05.01.2019 (NIAT Khovar) –Traditionally, at the end of each year, the results of accomplishments will be summarized and conclusions drawn about the victories and losses. Based on the results, activities will be planned for the near and distant future. In connection with the political and ideological activities of the so-called opposition groups, their authority, position, and degree of influence in modern society, we had a talk with Nazri Asadzoda, who is a leading research scientist at the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan.

– First, I would like to clarify the term “opposition”. Opposition does not only mean to opposite and criticize. Opposition refers to those healthy social forces that are involved in the development of economic, social and cultural spheres of society. Opposition reveals existing defects and deficiencies in projects and various socio-economic programs, and in turn proposing its own projects to address them.

– Which groups can be called the opposition?

– Some groups that have that designate themselves as such and are currently in European countries can never be called opposition, because they are members of a terrorist and extremist organization called the Islamic Renaissance Party (TEO IRP), which was banned by a decision of the Supreme Court of Tajikistan for committing grave and particularly grave crimes and for attempting a coup d’état in September 2015.

Now they are divided into small groups and try to present themselves as an oppositional force in order to get grants and cash benefits for their livelihoods. They want to bring to the forefront the same IRP but represented in a different form and style. However, their deception isn’t effective, and they are constantly facing defeat and disgrace.

– Could you elaborate?

– Look, they and their ideological sponsors realized that with the former name of their terroristic organization they can no longer receive money and use it for their family businesses and anti-national acts.

In addition, even though renaissances [members of the TEO IRP] are a project and step-children of an obvious country, this fact did not serve them in the European society. That is why, on the advice and “blessing” of their spiritual leaders, they formed small groups such as the Society of Free-Thinking Tajiks, the Reform and Development Movement of Tajikistan, and the Central Asian Migrants Movement in the European Union, each of which consists of no more than five to six people.

Then they formed a certain Alliance, which reasonable individuals instantly called the Anti-National Alliance of Tajikistan. Thus, they freed themselves from the “Renaissance” label in order to hide the crimes committed by them and their henchmen against the people, but they failed. It was their first loss last year. Thereafter, their endeavors suffered only defeats. Those in Tajikistan who had attacked the supporters of the secular system with crimes verging on the brink of murder and robbery, repeatedly tried their best to present themselves to Europeans as secular supporters, but their intentions remained unfulfilled.

– Could you elaborate on these defeats specifically?

– Of course, there is no difficulty in understanding this matter. The head of the TEO IRP Muhiddin Kabiri thought that by changing his robe to a tie in Europe, he would get the opportunity for free activity for his terroristic organization and be able to attract people with an oppositional character trait. However, his egoism on the one hand and the intrigues and schemes that the leaders of this party committed in the 90s along with other parties and movements on the other hand, did not allow such a vile deception to be realized.

They wanted to unite two or three small self-made groups and to sway the other Tajik citizens residing abroad, including representatives of the journalistic and intelligentsia circles. But no one fell into their trap. On the contrary, representatives of the aforementioned groups, including the well-known journalists Dodojon Atovulloev, Salomuddin Mirzorahmatov and philosopher Hafiz Boboyorov who are living in Europe, not only did not accept the invitation of renaissances-terrorists, but boldly revealed their entire criminal and anti-national plans. Since its creation their Alliance was doomed to failure. To some extent, the head of this terroristic organization himself had a hand in disclosing the true face of the renaissances. He revealed the fact that the organization is an adherent and a continuer of the Basmach movement, which revealed and proved the organization’s hostility toward the nation, national values, science, education, knowledge and progress.

Their main defeat took place during the OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting in September of 2018 in Warsaw. The renaissances wanted to show themselves as a political force supporting democracy, human freedom and rights, and who are persecuted for their political views and the like. However, the participation of the country’s representatives in the OSCE meeting, especially one of the founders of the IRP Ayomiddin Sattorov destroyed all their plans.

Sattorov and other Tajik representatives openly and with irrefutable facts told the participants about the crimes committed by IRP’s leaders and followers in past years and during the period civil war and thereafter. Of course, lots of materials were published about this, but those people made speeches from the tribune for the first time, thereby radically changing the vision of organizers and participants of the meeting regarding the so-called opposition. For most of them, the true face of renaissances, their plans and goals, and their attitude toward adherents of other religions were revealed for the first time.

– What new arguments were voiced at the meeting, which could help convince the meeting participants and the Western world in general that the IRP is really a terroristic organization?

Ayomiddin Sattorov, who was one of the founders of the IRP, openly stated that since its creation, the party had a relationship with the Special Services of the Islamic Republic of Iran. As I noted, a lot has been written and discussed about this matter, but Sattorov spoke with irrefutable evidence not only about the patronage of the TEO IRP by a well-known country in the region, but also about a new stage of cooperation between this terroristic organization and the special service of this country even after it was declared a terrorist organization and its activities banned.

The fact that since 2016 the leaders and activists of the IRP had been deceiving young Tajiks and encouraging them to sign up for military training in special camps in the Iranian cities of Bamahan, Aroka, Pardis and Mozandaran. Sattorov revealed that he himself was responsible for the ideological education of these groups. Since he, as a direct participant, named the specific individuals of the TEO IRP, the mentioned special services and group militants, the leaders of this terroristic organization and their foreign sponsors could not do anything to deny the truth and remained silent.

In addition, as was shown in the documentary films Bozgasht az Jahannam (Return from Hell), Asolatbokhta (Lost the True Face) and Zarharidon (Mercenaries), and also written in the periodical press, after their detention M. M. Kalandarov, S. R. Saidaliev, A. D. Saydalov, M. A. Immatov, P. T. Nazribekov and others who were trained in those training camps in 2015-2018 and were sent to Tajikistan to commit terrorist acts confirmed the aforementioned facts.

The continuation of the defeats of the IRP was the detainment, judicial process and the issued verdict for the case of Said Kiyomiddini Ghozi, who was one of the founders of this terroristic organization.  According to the documentary film Rishtahoi Noayon (Invisible Roots) and comments in the press, Ghozi named specific names, in particular Takhmosb Hotami, Muhammadi Isfahoni and Wafo Sajjod, who had cooperated with him. According to their instructions, Ghozi led took action to sabotage the state of Tajikistan.

For example, in 1993-1997, he propagated extremist ideas and oppositional thoughts against the state of Tajikistan among Tajik refugees in Afghanistan, agitating them not to return to their homeland. For many years he had been engaging in the dissemination of ideas and teachings of Shi’ism among Tajik citizens and extremist and anti-Tajik TEO IRP ideas among Tajik migrants.

He named a number of Tajik citizens from among the leaders and members of the TEO IRP, who had acted under the leadership and guidance of a foreign state against national interests of Tajikistan in various regions of the country, including in Rasht, Khuroson, Vakhsh, Jaloliddini Balkhi, Hissor, Rudaki, Fayzobod and other areas.

During Ghozi’s arrest, $100,000 were seized, which, according to him, were given to him to commit acts to sabotage the state of Tajikistan.

– Did the runaway leaders of the TEO IRP draw any conclusions for themselves from these disgraces? Will they cease their anti-national plans? What are your thoughts about this?

– As a study of TEO IRP’s antinational activity has shown, after that the attempts of this organization to come into power legally failed, they necessarily resorted to violence to escalate the situation.

For example, let’s look at 1990s. Using the chaos following the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the inexperience of the newly created Tajik state, they sought to take power in their hands and to introduce the Islamic system. However, the people of the country did not support them. They lost the election and took up arms, which resulted in a civil war, which resulted in the killing of 150,000 people and caused enormous economic damage to the republic.

For the second time, also after the defeat in the parliamentary elections, in September 2015, they again tried to seize power by force, which resulted in the death of dozens of citizens. Finally, even with all their efforts in Europe, with the funding of their spiritual sponsors, the support of some so-called democratic and human rights organizations, which sought to present them as victims of persecution, they were not recognized by the official bodies of these countries. Since the leaders of this terroristic organization had failed to achieve their objectives, they once again resorted to bloodshed.

This time their victims were foreign tourists. They carried out their inhuman and monstrous act under the cover of the black flag of their like-minded people from the terrorist organization the Islamic State and while trying to hide their membership in the TEO IRP. But they failed.

Abdusamadov Husein, who was the leader of the terrorists, was detained and later  disclosed all the secrets of his renaissance leaders. Well-known news agencies such as Nastoyashee Vremya (Current Time), Ozodi (Freedom), Sadoi Amriko (Voice of America) and others for the first time openly reported on the involvement of the TEO IRP in the murder of four foreign tourists. If previously the relationship of the TEO IRP’s leaders and members in the act of grave crimes and heinous betrayals was known, in 2018 their role in committing a terrorist act was made obvious.

In my opinion, the renaissance terrorists are not going to abandon their anti-national activities. Rather, they will not be allowed, because they wasted the finances given to them by their sponsors. They now must compensate their debts by committing treason against the Tajik people.

– But will they answer for their anti-human and anti-national acts?

– Today, despite the fact that the IRP is now recognized as a terrorist and extremist organization, it has penetrated into some international events and is using their tribune to distort the reality of its commitment to terrorism and extremism in order to spread fictional and provocative information regarding Tajikistan and to promote extremist ideology.

But as I noted, this organization is not officially recognized by any official state body. The runaway leaders and active members of the TEO IRP are on the Interpol’s Wanted Persons list for committing grave crimes. The TEO IRP is also included in the list of terrorist and extremist organizations of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, the Regional Structure of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Antiterrorist Center of the Commonwealth of Independent States. In this regard, it is inevitable that in time, the leaders and active members of this terroristic organization will be brought to justice.

Thus, 2018 can be demmed the year of disgrace, failure and defeat for the IRP at the international arena. These theoretical and practical slips of runaway renaissances are expressed in primitive and delusional initiatives and actual eyewitnesses and participants of the events, who themselves in 2018 repeatedly and openly pointed out the betrayal of mullah-terrorists against nation. Indeed, when observing the behaviors and acts of these people who have lost their humanity one cannot help but remember the phrase that “a leopard never changes its spots!”

– Thank you.

Interviewed by Naziri Nusrat

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