Tajikistan-Russia top-level talks


While on his official visit to Moscow, the Founder of Peace and National Unity, Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon met with the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in Kremlin. In a one-on-one meeting, the two leaders discussed the current state and prospects of cooperation between Tajikistan and Russia. Then, the talks continued with the participation of the two countries’ delegations.

President Vladimir Putin welcomed President Emomali Rahmon and expressed his confidence that the outcome of the visit would provide impetus to strengthening and expanding the partnership and the strategic relationship between the two countries. In turn, President Emomali Rahmon expressed his sincere gratitude to the Russian side for the official invitation to Russia. The leaders of the two countries emphasized their sustained interest in further strengthening and expanding the multifaceted cooperation between both countries.

During the meeting, the two leaders discussed the key issues of bilateral strategic partnership, as well as the current regional and international problems. Both sides expressed satisfaction with the steady development of cooperation in the political, humanitarian, military, military-technical and other fields. It was emphasized that high-level political negotiations, continuing rich experience of cooperation, mutual trust, understanding, and the favorable legal basis have made it possible to further expand cooperation between the two countries.

Russia is one of Tajikistan’s main trading and economic partners. Last year, trade between the two countries exceeded $1 billion. Russian investments into the economy of Tajikistan also exceeded the indicators.

Both sides deemed the agricultural sphere as a promising area of cooperation, emphasizing the importance of increasing the supply of environmentally healthy vegetables and fruits to the Russian market. Both sides reaffirmed their commitment to establishing a wholesale distribution center for agricultural products in Tajikistan.

The parties voiced their interest in developing and expanding interregional cooperation, including in the fuel, energy and the agriculture sectors. The Tajik delegation reaffirmed the importance of implementing promising investment projects in the real sector of Tajikistan’s economy and emphasized Tajikistan interest in establishing joint ventures focusing on consumer goods, food, mining, textile, transportation, logistics and tourism. As of today, about 80 Russian regions have direct trade, economic, cultural and other ties with Tajikistan.

The organization of business forums with the participation of business circles of both countries and a conference on interregional cooperation were declared points of importance, which can serve as factors in expanding trade and economic ties for the benefit of both countries.

The implementation of measures focused on issues relating to labor migration was also part of the discussion. The officials considered amnesty for a certain segment of Tajik citizens residing in Russia, extending registration, and improving the living and working conditions of labor migrants.

During the discussion of security issues, the two sides paid special attention to cooperation in the fight against terrorism, extremism, illicit drug trafficking and other forms of transnational organized crime. The difficult situation on the border with Afghanistan, and the military and military-technical cooperation were regarded as priority areas. The prospects for cooperation within the framework of international organizations were examined, with both sides expressing satisfaction with the Tajik-Russian partnership and the support for each other’s initiatives.

The two sides considered further ways of promoting bilateral cooperation in culture, science and education. The construction of new secondary schools in Tajikistan with Russian language lessons, providing Tajikistan’s educational institutions with Russian teachers, as well as quotas for Tajik students in Russian universities were also discussed.

Following the talks, President Emomali Rahmon extended the invitation to Vladimir Putin to visit Tajikistan at his convenience.

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