The Ninth Ministerial Conference «Heart of Asia — Istanbul Process» in Dushanbe

On 30 March 2021, the 9th Ministerial Conference «Heart of Asia — Istanbul Process» was held in Dushanbe with the participation of the Leader of Nation, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan His Excellency Emomali Rahmon and the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Muhammad Ashraf Ghani.

The meeting was attended by the foreign ministers of the Member States of the Process while the heads of delegations of donor countries and regional and international organizations participated via videoconference.

Participants of the Conference emphasized that the friendly relations, cooperation and partnership among the countries of the region would lead to the solution of urgent regional issues and fulfill the joint cooperation of the countries with Afghanistan. The parties noted that the joint fight against terrorism, extremism and illicit drug trafficking is an important area of cooperation.

The member countries of the Heart of Asia — Istanbul Process, donor countries, regional and international organizations have supported the efforts of the Government of Afghanistan to ensure security and stability in the country. In this regard, they called on the Government of Afghanistan and the Taliban movement to lay a solid foundation for restoration of peace and stability in this suffered country.

The countries of the region asserted the key role of Afghanistan in ensuring security throughout the Central Asian region and supported the constructive initiatives of the international community in maintaining peace and stability in Afghanistan and its economic and social recovery.

In conclusion, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of «Heart of Asia — Istanbul Process» adopted the Dushanbe Declaration.

National Development Strategy of the Republic of Tajikistan for the period up to 2030

UN Resolution entitled International Decade for Action “Water for Sustainable Development”, 2018-2028

MFA Publications

Hotline for Tajikistan citizens abroad

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