Continuation of official visit in Kyoto of Japan


The Founder of Peace and National Unity – Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon arrived in Kyoto as part of his official visit to Japan.

The official welcoming of the President of Tajikistan was held at the government residence with the participation of the governor of the prefecture Takatoshi Nishivaki and the chairman of the city of Kyoto Daisaku Kadokawa.

In his address, the Head of State highly appreciated the level of relations between Tajikistan and Japan and expressed satisfaction with the steady development and expansion of cooperation between the two friendly countries.

The meeting continued with a visit to “Nijo-jo Castle”. The head of our state Emomali Rahmon showed interest in growing trees in orchards and shadow-forming trees.

There are 17 historical sites in ancient Kyoto, and the “Nijo-jo Castle” occupies a special place among them and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The founder of the «Nijojo Castle» is Tokugawa Ieyashu, its construction began in 1601 and ended in 1626.

The total area of the castle is 275 thousand square meters and various buildings were built on an area of 8 thousand square meters. The castle mainly consists of various historical buildings and gardens. The Ninomaru Palace is located in the center of the castle.

«Nijo-jo Castle» was created as the residence of the emperor Kyoto. The emperor’s palace is located in the northeastern part of the castle.

In 1939, «Nijo-jo Castle» turned into a place for people to walk. On the castle grounds there are several parks and gardens with Japanese cherry and plum trees. The Ninomaru Garden was designed by famous landscape architect and master Kobori Enshu. The garden also has a pond paved with various stones.

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